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As we know that in this technology world we are going ahead and ahead day by day finding new techniques and innovative ideas for giving us more and more possibilities of doing things in a better way. Sometimes these techs have a bad side to like hacking, phishing, Ransomware etc. So, today's topic is on one of our mostly daily used e-mail this is the most common thing we use professionally and non-professional in our daily life we us it in our home, Schools, Collages and Offices. Means we login everywhere and forget to logout as we are humanist is in our nature to forget things sometimes as we are not programmed! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here comes the issue that how we secure email….
Now I am going to introduce you guys two step verification with google authentication app. I was in love with this app in first sight it is amazing provides better internet security as our internet is all our online accounts out there.

How google authentication works?

For this first you need to turn on two step verification in google by going to My account Sign in and security → Password & sign-in method → two step verification and turn it on. Now once you are done with that choose the method “Google Authenticator App” the next step will show you a bar code now stop here.

Get the app from google play store (also available on IOS) download it run the bar code reader in the app from the menu and put it on your monitor/display and let app do the magic bravo! You successfully setup the two step verification.

Now whenever you login to your email account firstly you will be asked the password as usual then a authentication code. The code changes in every 1 sec in Google Authenticator App and its 100% offline no internet required for this (the barcode reading processes needs internet connection on your phone) get the code from app write it and you are done.

This google security checkup prevents Hackers to hack your email easily. Now guys you are secure! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Microsoft Office Specialization Certification 

What is MOS certification?

It is a certification offered by Microsoft after successfully completing and passing exam of any Microsoft office product. Exam is conducted by certiport exam system on computer.

How is it offered free by HEC?

This is a free opportunity offered by HEC(Higher Education Commision of Pakistan) in Pakistan for every student studying in any BS/MS programs from any university recognized by HEC. A new way of being unique from the crowd.  

For more information, please visit HEC’s recommended page for:

  • Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
To enroll at Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) to get free online training, please visit:
To register as a test candidate at Certiport for MOS exam, please visit:

MOS Word 2013 (77-418) Exam Preparation




For MOS Excel Exam and MOS PowerPoint Exam preparation we give online classes with affordable fees for more details contact us.

Note: To take MOS exam you need vouchers provided by HEC to VU campuses kindly go to your nearest campus and request for MOS exam they will provide you vouchers. You need to give them your certiport email and password with VU ID,

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Our Online academy's main motive is to provide good knowledge to every student or individual who is seeking to learn these courses and do not have much time to go to take physical classes. As now days mostly every one wants to be updated and learn more but because of busy schedules no one have time to learn more so here our Online academy comes handy. We provide our courses with affordable fees and an easy to learn environment with short topics and short course. You will learn big things in just few days. So don,t wait for a specific time period to learn sit back relax turn on you lappy grab a cup of coffee and register to start learning.

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In this Course you will learn how to use and install WordPress from basic to professional level.

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In this Course you will learn how to build a responsive website template from scratch very easily with the help of HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Photoshop Cc

In this Course you will learn whole Photoshop plus Logo , Advertisement, Pamphlet, Resume Designing.


In this Course you will learn how to build a website using latest bootstrap-4 version and all its new useful classes.

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Watch the video to download devc++

Watch the video to download and add devc++ libraries