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All CS Subjects Mid Term Past Papers

Here You can Download Mid Term Past Papers of All CS Subjects from the links below: 

CS001 – Computer Proficiency License

CS101 – Introduction to Computing
CS201 – Introduction to Programming
CS301 – Data Structures
CS302 – Digital Logic & Design

CS304 – Object Oriented Programming
CS401 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
CS402 – Theory of Automata
CS403 – Database Management System
CS408 – Human Computer Interaction
CS411 – Visual Programming
CS501 – Advance Computer Architecture
CS502 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS504 – Software Engineering – 1
CS506 – Web Design and Development
CS507 – Information System
CS508 – Modern Programming Languages
CS601 – Data Communication
CS602 – Computer Graphics
CS604 – Operating System
CS605 – Software Engineering-II
CS606 – Compiler Construction
CS607 – Artificial Intelligence
CS609 – System Programming
CS610 – Computer Networks
CS614 – Data Warehousing
CS615 – Software Project Management
CS702 – Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

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