smartphone boosting apps, are boosting apps good for smart phone

Friends we all see a lot of Apps calming to boost our phones speed basically these all do nothing infarct they make our phone work slower no tech adviser will say you to download the boosting app is good for you and your phone. I am going to demonstrate what actually a boosting App do with our phones.


Suppose a shop keeper have many items in is store  and when ever a customer comes to his shop he go where his items are putted  and get that thing from their the whole day go like that and at end the shopkeeper things that there are some items which's demand is good now what he does he putted a rack close to him and putted that most demanded items to that rack now when ever the customer he can give it without consuming any energy he don't have to go there and take it just like before. Now suppose the store is your phones MEMORY and that rack is phone RAM and the phone itself is a SHOP KEEPER now on day a boy came he said i want to work on your shop for free (for cleaning ) now what the boy does when ever the shopkeeper get that rack that boy take it and put it back again so the shop keeper have to go again and again to get that rack back. Now this boy is your phones BOOSTING APP OR A CLEANER APP this same thing happens with your phone and like the shopkeeper the processor have to work doubly and this make phone work slow.


Friends most of us have opened many apps in our phones and they are running in back ground and we always SWIPE them to close all by doing this you are making your phones working so hard by this your phone will go again back and open the App  from starting and consume battery again and again.


I suggest you to do not swipe those Apps which you guys use mostly just like phones messenger dial pad etc and do not install any BOOSTING APP because they will not do any cleaning work infect they will make phones life hard.

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