How to correctly solve MCQ's

It is habitual that test takers have a tough time with multiple choice questions, this is because they consider multiple choice questions as a stress-free set of question when equated to another type of questions and so forget to pay attention to it. Irrespective of the format of the question, test takers should concentrate on multiple choice questions a lot. Many people take a guess to answer multiple choice questions, but these type of questions require good skill and logic to answer them. Here are a few tips on how to solve multiple choice questions.

Deterring conventional wisdom:

Many individuals who take up objective type questions have the habit of guessing the middle option as the answer if they do not know. They also avoid answers which show none, all, always and never. William Poundstone who is an author opens up that this conventional wisdom will never help throughout the exam and so ignoring conventional wisdom is vital for answering a multiple choice answer.

Abolishing incorrect ones:

For answering a multiple choice question, it is a fact that the multiple options are formatted in a tough manner. Either of the options seems to be right in some aspect and so the test taker can pick out the wrong answers first and then choose the right answer.

True or false test:

Read the question carefully and if you’re muddled by looking at the options, give each option a true or false test. Cross out the false answers and by this way the most appropriate answer can be found out.

Handling all of the above:

In a multiple choice question when there is an option as “all of the above” be careful in answering such type of question. Check to see if more than two options are right, if so the choice can be opted.

Check the sentence:

When your question ends with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ’the’, then the answer should start appropriate to the article and hence correct answer can be chosen appropriately. This does not stand true for all questions but for few which has articles in it. Few questions in English can be handled this way for picking the right option.

Longest options:

In the midst of many questions when you find options with variable size of answers, pick the longest answer. It is a fact that the question designers cannot format very short answers.

Patterns and similarities:

When there are options with many variables and so, look out for the options and its patterns and similarities. Pick choices which have the same patterns and leave out the out liners so that the nearest or right answer is picked.

Middle order:

The middle order option is something which should be chosen, for example if the options are 100,150, 200, and 250 then choosing 150 or 200 can be the right choice. Designers of the question paper with a bias where right answers are lesser than the maximum and higher than the lowest.

First impression:

Always remember that the first impression is the best one. Once you have read the question, and then pick the right answer immediately. As you keep on reading the options there is a chance to choose the wrong option.

Chary reading and understanding

Test takers should make sure to read the question carefully though it is a timed test. Many individuals waste time without reading the question, hence it is important to read the question carefully and understand what is required.


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