How to make you date sheet for VU


  1. Logon using your VULMS ID and Password 
  2. (In case of any password related problem contact at
  3. Choose Your Exam City in which you want to appear for Exam (optional)
  4. Choose your Exam Center out of the centers available to you
  5. (Once selected, you can not change your Exam Center)
  6. Select available exam date and start time of your own choice for each of your courses, then click “Confirm” button to confirm your selection. The dates/sessions once selected shall NOT be changed.
  7. Repeat the Step-4 for all your remaining courses one by one.
  8. Finally click the button at the bottom of the page to get Examination Password and print your Examination Slip which you MUST keep with you for entry in Examination Center on each of the Exam Dates 
  9. In case of any problem/query regarding date sheet, email your query at

Schedule of Late Signup Fee:

No fee will be charged up to May 31, 2018 .

Late fee @ Rs.500 /- (Local Student)/$ 20  (Overseas Student) will be charged from Jun 01, 2018  to Jun 07, 2018 .

Double Late fee @ Rs.1000 /- (Local Student)/$ 25 (Overseas Student) will be charged from Jun 08, 2018  to Jun 14, 2018 .

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