May 2016
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All Students those have selected project in this semester will receive a lot of emails from many people. Some will show them Software Engineer , Some Will show them software developer But Majority are fraud. They use many tactics for their fake publicity and all these are ex vu students.
I selected project in spring 2015. My programming was poor. I need to develop my project C# programming language. I received a lot of emails from many persons. I contacted with this persons Irfan Ullah (BC100400150). He said he is software engineer as so on much more. That was my bas luck I believe on this fraud. Story short I paid him 15000 . He provided me srs document I submit it. Use cases diagram and usage scenario was not right I corrected that and submit . He provided design document after expiry of date. the design document was copied. Supervisor give warning to make my own and submit again. I called him a lot of time but just lame excuses , now office , now in journey always lame excuses.
On last phases coding phase I called many time on skype , cell , facebook but no response , he provided coding after 25 days of final deliverable date expiry. I said him for preparation he started again lame excuses. I prepared by my self as much as I can. 
I appeared for viva. after seeing my application supervisor said. You didn't develop this application. already students show this application and fail they said to me to develop a new application and come in next semester.
The purpose of telling whole story is that I have wasted time and money. My all subjects cleared but only project left. I am sending an email to vu registrar and vu rector with payment invoices I paid and conversation screen shorts to take action against this person Irfan Ullah (BC100400150) because he is using vu id for making fool to vu students and spoiling their for future for greed. 
Its my request to all student do your work by yourself and avoid from contact such fake developer. 
Wish you good luck.

Note: Ask to trusted people for help whom you guys meet in your regular life or the person who you think is eligible or they shown you there work before But don't payout before any work first ask them for there work to see if they are more like and can do your work on time. We are not making some one famous or showing there personal information it's a helping effort from all VU web communities for those innocent students.   
By VUSukkurCampus

All stuff that you need for your {2nd}second semester!

1. All subjects Handouts
2. All subjects Past papers
3. All subjects books that are suggested by teachers.

In short every thing a student need for preparation of Exams.


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