June 2017

Download and install IDM on PC 

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IDM(Internet download Manager) a software that is must for every PC nowadays have unique fast download if you download high volume files if suddenly you system crashes it resumes you download where it was before.

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Here You can Read and Download MTH301 - Calculus II Current and Past Mid Term Paper from 3 June to 14 June Spring 2017 shared by students who have already attempted their mid term paper which started on 3 June 2017.

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You can download MTH301 Current Mid Term Paper - 03 /June/2017 - in pdf format from the link below:


Stay with us, more Current Papers will be added as Soon as students will share.
If You have attempted MTH301 Mid term Paper Spring 2017 Please share with us in comments section below. Thank You.


MCM101 – Introduction to Mass Communication
MCM301 – Communication Skills
MCM310 – Journalistic Writing
MCM311 – Reporting and Sub editing
MCM404 – Globalization of Media
MCM411 – Introduction to Broadcasting
MCM431 – Development Communication
MCM511 – Theories of Communication
MCM514 – Feature & Column Writing
MCM515 – Radio News Reporting & Production
MCM610 – Media Laws and Ethics

All CS Subjects Mid Term Past Papers

Here You can Download Mid Term Past Papers of All CS Subjects from the links below: 

CS001 – Computer Proficiency License

CS101 – Introduction to Computing
CS201 – Introduction to Programming
CS301 – Data Structures

CS302 – Digital Logic & Design

CS304 – Object Oriented Programming

CS401 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming

CS402 – Theory of Automata
CS403 – Database Management System
CS408 – Human Computer Interaction
CS411 – Visual Programming
CS501 – Advance Computer Architecture
CS502 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS504 – Software Engineering – 1

CS506 – Web Design and Development
CS507 – Information System
CS508 – Modern Programming Languages
CS601 – Data Communication
CS602 – Computer Graphics
CS604 – Operating System
CS605 – Software Engineering-II
CS606 – Compiler Construction

CS607 – Artificial Intelligence
CS609 – System Programming
CS610 – Computer Networks
CS614 – Data Warehousing

CS615 – Software Project Management
CS702 – Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

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Friends we all see a lot of Apps calming to boost our phones speed basically these all do nothing infarct they make our phone work slower no tech adviser will say you to download the boosting app is good for you and your phone. I am going to demonstrate what actually a boosting App do with our phones.


Suppose a shop keeper have many items in is store  and when ever a customer comes to his shop he go where his items are putted  and get that thing from their the whole day go like that and at end the shopkeeper things that there are some items which's demand is good now what he does he putted a rack close to him and putted that most demanded items to that rack now when ever the customer he can give it without consuming any energy he don't have to go there and take it just like before. Now suppose the store is your phones MEMORY and that rack is phone RAM and the phone itself is a SHOP KEEPER now on day a boy came he said i want to work on your shop for free (for cleaning ) now what the boy does when ever the shopkeeper get that rack that boy take it and put it back again so the shop keeper have to go again and again to get that rack back. Now this boy is your phones BOOSTING APP OR A CLEANER APP this same thing happens with your phone and like the shopkeeper the processor have to work doubly and this make phone work slow.


Friends most of us have opened many apps in our phones and they are running in back ground and we always SWIPE them to close all by doing this you are making your phones working so hard by this your phone will go again back and open the App  from starting and consume battery again and again.


I suggest you to do not swipe those Apps which you guys use mostly just like phones messenger dial pad etc and do not install any BOOSTING APP because they will not do any cleaning work infect they will make phones life hard.

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How to manage time while studying?
A good Question asked by many...
                 ""So i am discussing it""

We all know that study on time is a big problem for all of us. To study exact all material which we need or which is compulsory in EXAMS days is to much headache for us so i am going to discussing some simple STEPS which you guys can easily understand and manage your time and learn your all topics EASILY.  

STEP 1: take a white paper.

STEP 2: open your book or register from which you are going to study.

STEP 3: write down all topics which are in your book on the white paper one by one (one that you know that will come in exams) 

STEP 4: take that white paper in front of you and start learning topic one by one (from your book or register)

STEP 6: tick mark the topic which you covered and than go to next.

STEP 5: in last you will see you have covered your all topics easily with out any shuffling pages seeing here and there.

" I use it myself it's 100% working try it "

Are you a blogger, a content writer or writing content is a part of your daily job?
If yes, then surely you want to develop good writing skills to boost your performance or to craft your career.
Most guys want to write great and killer content and they try their best to write it, but unfortunately most of the time they fail.

What’s the reason?

Actually, most of the people who want to write effectively and to create killer content basically don’t know the basic ways to write content.
Some of them try to copy content from some great writers and the rest just get disappointed and quit.
It’s a proven quote that “Content is the King” and definitely it is. Creating great content can lead you to success and if you are not doing well with the content part, all other things are nearly useless.
Even, I am not going to tell you a magic spell, after which someone will write an article for you and it will go viral in seconds. Damn Shit!

Today I am going to reveal some simple but effective tips to be more productive and to write like a professional.
These tips were neglected most of the time by nearly every writer, but believe me, IT REALLY WORKS!
Please keep in mind that, the best way to test a strategy is to implement it. So, follow these tips and watch the magic. You will notice yourself that your writing ability is really improved and you are writing more effectively after following these tips.
So, you want to know those secrets?
Okay, let’s move towards the Tip # 1 without any discussion

1. Look for inspirations in your Daily Life:

Your daily life is filled with thousands of inspirations. The key is to just find them. Always stay active and look for the inspirations you can gather from your daily life discussions, meetings, conferences and also from parties with friends.
Your inspiration can be related to your niche. If you write about foods, maybe you can get inspired from a dinner or from a party.
If you are blogging about Marketing and conversions, it is possible to be inspired by a marketing campaign in your area or from an informative seminar held by a company sharing their case study.
Writing is not a big deal, but writing effectively is really a hard job. Nowadays, you can attract customers & visitors only if you have great writing abilities and you can make compelling articles in your niche.

2.Write when you are most Productive:

You don’t have the same mood throughout the day. Sometimes you are feeling dizzy and sleepy and sometimes you are feeling amazingly fresh. Your productivity is affected by your mood badly. You are more productive if you are feeling fresh and healthy.
So, always write when you are feeling fresh and motivated. Avoid writing when you are disturbed and not in a good mood. Writing in such circumstances can ruin the quality and your audience will dislike your content. This effect can lead you to lose your audience extremely fast and it is really hard to get all those visitors back soon.
Don’t write when you are tired, because this can cause problems in focusing on what you are writing. Writing in an uncomfortable position can also cause anxiety and you can’t be productive if you are writing in an uncomfortable.
You can take small breaks of 5-10 minutes after some time if you start feeling tired while writing. This can boost your abilities and help you develop good writing skills by following a couple of tips.
According to a survey, a cup of coffee help’s many professional writers and bloggers to be more productive and to write more effectively.

3. Keep the disturbing gadgets away:

Although, gadgets helps us to make our life’s easier. But they can be disturbing if you are trying to write creatively. A phone call or a Facebook message can lead you to forgot all the pitches you are keeping in your mind while writing.
So, it’s better to turn off or at least put your cell phone on silent mode before you start writing. It’s better to log out all the social media websites and even your email account if it was open in the background to avoid any disturbance created by those things.

4. Always focus on Quality:

Always try to focus on quality instead of quantity if you really want to develop good writing skills as a writer. This is the biggest mistake made by most of the beginners, as they try to produce more and more content with a short span of time and thus can’t focus much on quality.
I can understand that you have to meet many deadlines or you want to be on time. But, quantity is not your goal, your goal is to produce amazingly high-quality content which can help you get thousands of leads and to acquire thousands of new customers.

5. Review what you've written:

There is hardly a person in the blogosphere or on the online world, who has done things perfect in the first attempt. Mostly, nobody can write perfectly in the first attempt. So, in order to produce high quality and stunning content and to develop good writing skills in yourself, try to review your content once you have finished writing.
You have to review your content 2-3 times and check it for grammar and other mistakes. Along with that, also review and think “How you can make it better than what it is?” edit and rewrite your content, till you get the satisfactory results.
Nearly every professional blogger review his content before hitting the publish button. Because they know that after hitting the publish button, their content will be in front of thousands of readers around the globe. So, it’s necessary that it should be perfect and for that it should be reviewed multiple times.

The Final Word:

Writing is not a simple task. Your whole success depends on your content in the online world. Writing can’t be learned completely in a specific time. With the passage of time, you learn new things daily, implement them, get results and then decide which should be followed and which should be left.
Always try to polish your writing skills, because if you want to stay in the race you have to develop yourself according to the audience and your competitors.
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