how to manage time during exams to study all subjects, how to manage study during exxams

How to manage time while studying?
A good Question asked by many...
                 ""So i am discussing it""

We all know that study on time is a big problem for all of us. To study exact all material which we need or which is compulsory in EXAMS days is to much headache for us so i am going to discussing some simple STEPS which you guys can easily understand and manage your time and learn your all topics EASILY.  

STEP 1: take a white paper.

STEP 2: open your book or register from which you are going to study.

STEP 3: write down all topics which are in your book on the white paper one by one (one that you know that will come in exams) 

STEP 4: take that white paper in front of you and start learning topic one by one (from your book or register)

STEP 6: tick mark the topic which you covered and than go to next.

STEP 5: in last you will see you have covered your all topics easily with out any shuffling pages seeing here and there.

" I use it myself it's 100% working try it "
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