Final term Solved Mooaz Past Papers

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Subject CodeDownload Link
ACC 311Download
ACC 501Download
ECO 401Download
ECO 402Download
ECO 403Download
ECO 404Download
EDU 201Download
EDU 402Download
ENG 001Download
ENG 101Download
ENG 201Download
ENG 301Download
ENG 401Download
FIN 611Download
FIN 621Download
FIN 622Download
FIN 623Download
FIN 624Download
FIN 630Download
FIN 722Download
HRM 611Download
HRM 624Download
ISL 201Download
IT 430Download
MCM 101Download
MCM 301Download
MCM 304Download
MCM 401Download
MCM 404Download
MCM 411Download
MCM 511Download
MCM 531Download
MGMT 611Download
MGMT 623Download
MGMT 628Download
MGMT 629Download
MGMT 630Download
MGMT 727Download
MGT 101Download
MGT 111Download
MGT 201Download
MGT 211Download
MGT 301Download
MGT 401Download
MGT 402Download
MGT 411Download
MGT 501Download
MGT 502Download
MGT 503Download
MGT 504Download
MGT 520Download
MGT 601Download
MGT 602Download
MGT 603Download
MGT 604Download
MGT 610Download
MGT 611Download
MGT 613Download
MGT 711Download
MKT 501Download
MKT 530Download
MKT 621Download
MTH 001Download
MTH 101Download
MTH 202Download
MTH 301Download
MTH 302Download
MTH 401Download
MTH 501Download
MTH 601Download
MTH 603Download
PAK 301Download
PHY 101Download
PHY 301Download
PSY 101Download
PSY 406Download
PSY 502Download
PSY 511Download
PSY 632Download
SOC 101Download
SOC 401Download
STA 301Download
STA 630Download
STA 730Download
CS 001Download
CS 101Download
CS 201Download
CS 301Download
CS 302Download
CS 304Download
CS 401Download
CS 402Download
CS 403Download
CS 408Download
CS 410Download
CS 411Download
CS 501Download
CS 502Download
CS 504Download
CS 506Download
CS 507Download
CS 508Download
CS 601Download
CS 602Download
CS 604Download
CS 605Download
CS 606Download
CS 607Download
CS 609Download
CS 610Download
CS 614Download
CS 615Download
CS 701Download
CS 703Download
CS 704Download

Also Check: If you want to download Midterm Past Papers Click Here