How Virtual University of Pakistan works?
  • Virtual University of Pakistan is a distance learning institute which provides TV channels for students to learn at home and its not just the end here VU also have thousands of its own campuses to facilitate students at campus students can have all activities with study like normal universities but it is optional for those students who want to study at home. No daily attendance is required so the job holders can also take its full benefits. After taking admission you will get your VULMS ID and Password. Want to get admission in this amazing distance learning institute in Pakistan see the

  • Admission Procedure

What is VULMS?
  • VULMS(Virtual University of Pakistan learning management system) is a management system which manages all the study stuff that a VU students needs in his/her whole course. A student who is in rolled at VU get A LMS account to get started its further study. It is just like your study bag it contains all things you need. You can call it your virtual study bag. You will get you Assignment, GDB's, MDB's and Quizes here and also your all lectures & handouts etc i know it sounds a bit confusing but do not worry we made a easy tutorial on

  • How to use vulms

Important Stuff to Start at VU

Last but not Least
  • If you found this page help full keep visiting VU Student's Support ( because we provide updated Past Papers, Handouts and VU Tutorial also show us love by subscribeing our

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