• A student may request for paper rechecking within five working days after the publication of the result on payment of the prescribed fee per paper.
  • Re-checking of a student’s paper will be done to ensure that:
  • (A) No portion of the answer material has been left un-marked
  • (B) There is no mistake in the grand total
  • In case the re-checking requests results in a increase of marks, the Rechecking Fee will be refunded.
  • The decision of the University shall be final.

  • From within the LMS, click the Student Services button
  • Click on the Apply for Rechecking of Papers link
  • A form with the list of your courses having a checkbox in front of each will be displayed
  • Click the check box(es) against the course(s) that you want rechecked
  • Click the Submit Request button
  • Your request will be generated on the form
  • Click on the Print Voucher link
  • The voucher will be displayed in a separate window
  • Print the voucher and Deposit the fee in the bank within the due date
  • Make sure to obtain the stamped copy of the paid voucher
  • Scan and upload the paid copy of voucher using the Upload Paid Voucher link
  • You will be able to download your rechecked paper (s) after 8-10 working days provided VU-Accounts Department has confirmed the receipt of payments.

Note: In case you want to make any change(s) in your request, close the voucher window, click the Withdraw Request link on the form and start again.