December 2018

Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)
  • Fortran, SNOBOL, Ada languages properties
  • languages birth dates
  • code difference in Ada and C language
  • COBOL and other languages

  • IF statment was given we need to convert it in Ada
  • Why we use Keywords for signalling end and start of IF statement in code. Also provide examples of IF statement in C++ and ADA
  • A datebase values were given and some quiries were given and we need to answer that question in "yes" and "no" this question was confusing i cant under stand it
  • Name the two languages which were developed by IBM and also name the corresponding computers for which they were developed with correct year

Note: Over all Paper came from languages and their properties so focus on them. Best of luck!

Also check
Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)
  • Events, Event handlers and event generators
  • Jframe, Jpanel
  • Interfaces
  • java classes

  • Correct the given code of class and provide streams in it. (Read streams section)
  • Comment the following cod and tell what each line is doing. (Code was given of a Student class)
  • Write a code which convert two strings taken from user and print out "Same Strings"
  • Write a code which uses ResultSet properties "resultSet" to get columns from database table and print theme on console

Note: Over all subjective were hard so you need to prepare for code as well. Best of luck!

Also check

Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)
  • Events
  • Attributes
  • C# language data types
  • XAML
  • Accessing File directory in C#

  • What are the properties of 2D transform in Visual Studio
  • Write code in xaml to create grid of 5 rows and 3 columns
  • Define these 2 with code example Attributes and Enums

Also check