October 2018

Why this is happening
    PTA is acting now on this major issue where the IMEI duplication was found as most of the infamous mobile companies were doing so to low their expenses. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI number provided by GSM and the mobile companies need to purchase each unique IMEI for their cell phones so this is how they found it expensive and do illegal work. PTA now has created a DIRBS system to check every IMEI number from all phones in Pakistan and provide messages to owners weather their device is complaint or not.

    To find mobile phone IMEI, dial *#06# on mobile dialer

    Verify Now

Messages you will receive after verification
  • IMEI is compliant(Your mobile device is genuine and no action required to use it.)
  • Device IMEI is Valid. Insert SIM and make a call/SMS to anyone on or before 20/10/18 date for auto registration. Do not worry use your phone as usual just do not remove your sim before 20 oct your phone will be moved automatically in compliant list by PTA
  • Device IMEI is non-compliant. Please insert all your SIMs in this device and use them before 20/10/18 date to continue using this device. You can only use one SIM in your phone from now because PTA will give you one IMEI so the sim which you mostly use put it in slot one.
  • Device IMEI is blocked. Reported stolen. Your IMEI was reported stolen before or it was involved in any illegal activity so suggestion is stop using this phone and buy a new one else you will get arrested.
SMS Based Verification! INSTRUCTIONS: Go to messages > Create a new message > Type IMEI > Send to 8484

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