RANSOM WARE Explained & How to stay safe?

By VUSukkurCampus

Friends ransom ware is basically a mall ware which attacks our "PC DATA" and it tries to encrypt our all personal data and lock it the hacker generates key and ask to give him the desired amount of money and he will provide you the key it is not sure that he will give the key after paying him. Means you are badly hacked.

So i am telling you guys guys some useful steps to stay safe from it.


1. Keep a backup hard drive so you can backup your data day by day or weekly.(note: do not connect that backup hard drive all the time with your pc)

2. Do not open any kind of email which have a attachment as for as you don't know that who sent it and what is in that attachment. (note: hackers mostly use email) 

3. Don't download any .exe file from Internet because it can be a "ransom ware".

4. Keep your settings of your files to show its full extension. (note: ransom attack can be mp4.exe, avi.exe )

    so you will think that you have downloaded a mp4 but by clicking it you will execute a mall ware attack.   

5. Always keep turned on windows "FIREWALL" & also use a perfect Anti virus for your pc. (note: I recommend you Microsoft Security Essential for windows XP, 7 but in 8,9,10 it is named Windows Defender and included in it ) 

6. Don't turn on windows shearing option because of this your computer can be attacked by ransom attacker but other computers will also get effected.

7. If you thing that your computer got a ransom attack your computer is not working properly so the first step that you need to do is to disconnect your Internet because this attack needs Internet to be executed properly. By doing this you can protect your data by being encrypted.     

So friends these are the tips that u wanted to share with you guys these are not all of them but mostly main wish can help surely. :)
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