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Friends whenever we fill a form online or make any account on WEB in last we are always asked to enter a CAPTCHA code today i am going to talk on it what it is? why its is used? Is it a spam?.

What it is?
Friends CAPTCHA is a short form of "COMPLETELY AUTOMATED PUBLIC TURING TEST TO TELL COMPUTER AND HUMANS APART" it is a code generated for that websites own security on which you are singing up to see that you are really a human being.

Why it is used?
It is used to see weather the user who is signing up is a human being or a machine we all know that "hacker" exists so they always use computers to attack on many sites at one time so the "CAPTCHA" code is so much usefull in this because it is tested that 90% of human being can easily solve the "CAPTCHA" code while the computer % is less than 1.30%
well this is the most difficult work for machines to solve. The idea was taken from turing test where it is checked that a computer can think like a human being. Until there is no computer which passed turing test.  


Is It a Spam?
No its not a spam! its only for our security it harms nothing not your data which you are entering while filling the form.

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