It is in the notice of the University that certain websites, discussion forums, blogs etc., lure students into using unfair means and resources in the name of facilitating students. Beware that such websites, forums, blogs etc., fraudulently gain access to your personal information and passwords, in order to use them for unlawful practices. Any website URL not ending with ”” does not belong to VU and the University is not, in anyway, associated with such websites and students who use/visit such websites do so at their own risk.

Students are advised to stay away from such sites and keep their personal information and passwords very secure. Please remember: Students will be held responsible for any action taken using their login/password.

Students using material from these websites or placing their solutions on these sites will be considered as aiding or abetting the use of unfair means. The University reserves the right to proceed against such students accordingly.

Students are also advised to carefully read the “Official Email Policy for Students” and “Protect your LMS & VU Email Accounts” announcements available under “IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS” on VULMS.

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