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Why Virtual University of Pakistan result is late?

Virtual University of Pakistan result is most of the times issued on time but some time there is some technical fault in the internal system or the one big reason of giving some time to those students who haven't paid their fees on time to give them more time so that they do not face block of account they delay result timings

Second reason:-

Virtual University of Pakistan has always been the leader in delivering high quality tertiary education at an extremely affordable cost. In order to continue enhancing the quality of its courses, it is imperative that the opinion of the most important stakeholders, the students, be ascertained on a regular basis.

Accordingly, survey forms will be launched through VULMS for every course soon after the conclusion of the final term exams and before the declaration of the result for Fall 2015. This way, your studies will not be disturbed and you will be able to provide feedback at your convenience. Please do not wait till the last possible moment, but fill out the survey forms as soon as possible after they are launched.

Important Note: It is mandatory for every student to fill the survey forms. Your result will NOT be declared unless and until you do so.

We look forward to your cooperation in helping to improve our standards even further.


Why i am seeing my CGPA only not the whole result on VULMS?

Virtual University of Pakistan IT department uploads CGPA(only) before the date of result to be announced fully it happens many times and 1000's of old students know that. "It is also not fake as some people say"  

What is CGPA and GPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. 
(It is the overall total of whole marks.)

GPA stands for Grade point average.
(It is the total of your current semester)

Note: Students it is requested to don't start worrying about the result delay just stay calm and wait for it.

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