CS411 - Current Final Term Paper Fall 2018

Topics of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)
  • From Midterm
  • XML Document
  • Grid view, Image view related
  • JQuery, Ajax, JASON

  • Mention the two binary resources of WPF and describe them.
  • If we want to hide the paragraph tag in our HTML by using JQuery and JavaScript how we will do it? Give code examples.
  • C# code was given for a window and stack panel and they asked to write XML code for defining and styling it.
  • Write code in XML to create the window background color gradient use three color in the gradient.
  • Write four ways in which server responds to a request? Answer: Simple text, HTML, JQuerry, JASON

Note: Over all subjective were hard so you need to prepare for code as well. Best of luck! Also past papers are uploaded in this site you can download them by going to PAST PAPERS tab in main navigation.

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