Why VULMS Shutdown and how to fix it | Complete Solution

Dear student don't get panic if you see VULMS not working sometimes their are some reasons behind.
  • Check your studentID and Password weather its correctly entered.
  • If you forgot your password change it through forgot password link and follow the instructions there.
  • VULMS is sometime down due to some maintenance or some technical issues.
  • You will get a notification on VULMS prior its maintenance phase.
  • Sudden VULMS shutdown happens due to some technical issues.

How to fix VULMS working
Dear student if their is some technical issue VULMS is shutdown in some areas.
  • Try to visit VULMS by its different domains like: lms1.vu.edu.pk, lms2.vu.edu.pk and lms3.vu.edu.pk
  • If all domains are not working use a VPN and then try to visit them again.
  • If you do not know how to use VPN in your PC click the link below

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